In memory of our friend,
Frank H. Moore - KE4GY (ex - KA7IOJ)
April 26, 1956 - November 23, 2008

While living in the Houston area, Frank began attending meetings of the Texas DX Society and got bit by the contesting and DX'ing bug.  He became a member of TDXS in 1991.

According to Frank's father, Edward Moore WB4WCR, "All Frank's adult life he wanted a real DX'ers and contest antenna setup similar to the systems he was able to play with while in Texas."

Frank was a graphics chip design engineer.

When he moved back to the Durham, North Carolina area, he was lucky enough to find a home on a couple of unrestricted acres, and set out to build his "dream station".  With the help of N4CW, K1ZW, N4TL, K4ZA, the KC1XX crew and others, Frank was able to achieve that dream with the completion of his station with big yagi's on 20 meters and 40 meters on 2 towers of about 50 feet and 70 feet respectively.  According to N4CW, "he was like a kid in a candy store".

Regretfully, Frank passed away from a sudden heart attack the weekend after the antenna and tower work was completed.   Frank's father recalled, "Frank phoned me to tell me all about his setup and how happy he was a day or so before he died."  Frank was also an active member of the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC).