In memory of our friend,
William "Bill" D. Stone - WS5H (ex- KE5CUT)
August 3, 1955 - July 31, 2015

Bill joined the Texas DX Society in 2011 as member number 180.

I sadly attended the memorial for my friend Bill Stone on Saturday, 19 September 2015.  No one appreciated membership in TDXS more or has worked harder to contribute.  Bill started with work to add points to our field day effort by arranging a table to distribute literature and talk to the public.  He tried to earn points by copying the ARRL message and sending the required messages.  These are things that most members would rather not involve themselves, but Bill initiated the effort.  He volunteered to be the DX Chairman when no one else wanted the honor.  Bill was fairly new to DX and was not sure that he would be able to do an adequate job, but I assured him that his efforts would be appreciated.  Bill was not the best DXer in the club, but he had to make do with older equipment and inexpensive antennas than most of us.  He was able to get about 200 countries confirmed in a short while with the equipment that was available.

Bill was born August 3rd 1955 in New York City.  He passed away on July 31st, 2015, just 4 days before his 60th birthday.  Bill started work as an electrician when he was young, but his pelvis was crushed in an auto-motor cycle accident which left him as a paraplegic.  He persevered and though he was expected to be paraplegic for the remainder of his life, he was able to learn to walk again.   He bought a wrecker and drove it for several years until his injuries caused disability and he had to quit working.  He had to make do with Social Security and what his wife could earn.  I met Bill and his wife Norma (KE5NDN) in 2006 on the Ten-Ten, Space Houston on Ten net at 28.488.  In 2008, Bill asked me to make a few CW contacts for the Museum Ships Week End.  I agreed and it started a several years run for me.   

Bill always loved and valued The Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club (BVARC) and loved to contribute.  His specialty was helping newcomers to ham radio get some kind of equipment and get on the air.  His and Norma's house was a gathering place on Tuesday nights for many new hams to check into the SHOT net.  When BVARC was having trouble finding a president in 2013, Bill resigned from DX Chairman for TDXS to accept President of BVARC.  He worked hard and was a good president for all of 2014 but needed to resign and turn the reigns over to Mike Hardwick - N5VCX, VP for 2015.  

Bill was the essence of a ham radio operator to the end.  He was a good operator and worked an impressive amount of DX with a converted CB V-Quad and tube type equipment.  He helped many new hams get on the air.  But cancer found the scar tissue from his old wounds and ended his life far too early.  I am proud that I could call Bill a Friend for too short a time.  TDXS will miss Bill Stone!

Willis 'Cookie' Cooke,

TDXS Contest Chairman

From the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club Board of Directors:

A celebration of life service was held on September 19, 2015 for BVARC president William "Bill" Stone, WS5H. The service was held from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the Gulf Coast Club, 14540 Minetta ST, Houston TX 77035.

Field Day and Shack pictures courtesy of KG5DJS.